City of Alexandria -  Campbell County, Kentucky
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Karen Barto, City Clerk

City of Alexandria
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Alexandria, KY 41001

Phone: (859) 635-4125

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City of Alexandria

Alexandria Planning Commission

Alexandria Comprehensive Plan

The Alexandria Comprehensive Plan received final approval December 21, 2004

Alexandria Comprehensive Plan Entire Document

Comprehensive Plan Cover

Comprehensive Plan Title Page

Comprehensive Plan Table of Contents

Vision Statement

Chapter 1 Goals and Objectives

Chapter 2 Population

Figure 2.1 Kentucky Population Trends

Figure 2.2 Campbell County Population Trends

Figure 2.3 Northern Kentucky Population Trends

Figure 2.4 Alexandria Population Trends

Figure 2.5 Cities in Campbell Co. Population Trends

Figure 2.6 Campbell Co. Population Map 1980-1990

Figure 2.7 Campbell Co. Population Map 1990-2000

Figure 2.9 Campbell Co. Population by Age Group 1990-2030

Figure 2.10 Campbell Co. Population By Race

Chapter 3 Economic Conditions

Figures 3.1, 3.2 and Table 3.4 Employment Trends

Table 3-1 Campbell Co. Manufacturing Firms 2004

Figures 3.3 and 3.4 Tourism Trends

Figure 3-5 and Tables 3.5 and 3.6 Unemployment Rates

Figure 3-6 Campbell County Enterprise Zone

Chapter 4 Environment

Figure 4.1 Soil Map

Figure 4.2 Physically Restricted Development Areas 

Chapter 5 Housing & Historic Preservation

Table 5.1 Census Housing Units by Tenure

Table 5.2 Census Housing Units by Structure

Tables 5.3 & 5.4 Summary of Housing Units Alexandria & Campbell Co.

Table 5.5 Census Housing Conditions

Table 5.6 Alexandria Building Permit Information

Table 5.7 Campbell Co. Assisted Rental Housing

Figure 5.1 Original Alexandria Town Plat

Figure 5.2 Alexandria Historic Area Map

Chapter 6 Community Facilities

Figure 6.1 Campbell Co. School Districts

Tables 6.1 and 6.2 Campbell Co. School Facilities

Figure 6.2 Campbell Co. Enrollment Rates

Table 6.3 Nearby Colleges and Universities

Table 6.4 Nearby Kentucky Vocational-Technical Schools

Table 6.5 Campbell Co. Public Libraries

Table 6.6 Campbell Co. Public Library Services

Figure 6.3 Campbell Co. Parks

Table 6.8 Alexandria Park & Recreational Facilities

Figure 6.4 Alexandria Park & Recreational Facilities Map

Table 6.9 Campbell Co. Law Enforcement Agencies

Figure 6.5 Alexandria Fire District Map

Figure 6.6 Northern Kentucky Water District Map

Figure 6.7 Alexandria Water System Map

Figure 6.8 Alexandria Water System Improvements Map

Figure 6.9 Sanitation District No. 1 Service Area Map

Figure 6.10 Sanitation District No. 1 Improvements Map

Figure 6.11 Sanitation District No. 1 Storm Water Service Area Map

Chapter 7 Transportation

Figure 7.1 Campbell Co. Major Transportation Systems Map

Figure 7.2 OKI Metropolitan Transportation Planning Area Map

Table 7.1 Alexandria City Streets

Figure 7.3 Campbell Co. Trucking Highways Classification Map

Figure 7.4 Campbell Co. Roads Functional Classifications

Figure 7.5 Campbell County Traffic Counts

Figure 7.6 Campbell Co. Proposed Transportation Improvements Map

Figure 7.7 OKI Rail, Water, Bus & Air Facilities

Figure 7.8 OKI Freight Transportation Facilities

Chapter 8 Land Use

Exhibit I Alexandria Future Land Use Map

Chapter 9 Implementation

Alexandria Zoning Ordinance

Updated June 6, 2009

Alexandria Zoning Map

The City of Alexandria Zoning Map below is current as of March 22, 2007.  This file is provided for general informational purposes and may not reflect zone changes after this date and is not the official copy of the Alexandria Zoning Map.  The official copy of the Alexandria Zoning Map is posted at Alexandria City Hall and maintained by the Alexandria City Clerk.    

Alexandria Zoning Map

Updated March 22, 2007


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